Monday, December 30, 2013

Nikon D5100 16 MP DX, 4 FPS, 3" Flip LCD, 1080p

First things first...

take a good look at the device ..... :D

Now let me tell you what i feel about this camera...

The new Nikon D5100 slots in between the existing D3100 and D7000 models, not only in terms of feature set and functionality, but also in terms of size and weight.
The 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 VR kit lens that Nikon supplied feels fairly well-balanced on the Nikon D5100 and it fits into place with a reassuring mechanical click.

The Night Vision effect is particularly worth of mention, pushing the camera's sensitivity to a whopping ISO 102,400, although a monochrome rather than color image is recorded.
For stills, you can enter Live View mode to preview the effect or simply use the optical viewfinder. For movies, the recording is slowed down (dependent upon the chosen effect) as the camera uses a lot of processing power to apply the effect, leading to footage that can have a rather staccato feel. Note also that the camera sets virtually everything in the Effects mode - exposure, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, file type and quality - so its only creative in terms of the arty effect that's applied. Five of the same effects can be applied to an image or movie that you've taken, though, so you can have the best of both worlds (albeit without the luxury of a preview).
For the images that you've already already captured, the Nikon D5100 offers a broad range of retouching tools, including post-capture D-lighting (useful if you forgot to turn on Active D-lighting before capture), red-eye correction, trimming, monochrome conversion, different filter effects, colour adjustments, image resizing, image overlay, in-camera raw processing, quick auto retouching, straightening of crooked pictures, lens distortion correction, fisheye, color outline, color sketch, selective color, miniature effect, and perspective control. Many of these functions make it unnecessary to buy specialised computer programs or plug-ins and spend hours in front of a computer to achieve a desired/popular effect.
In summary, the Nikon D5100 is a versatile and compact DSLR that is well suited to beginner and more experienced shooter alike, with the fully-articulating screen a welcome addition for videographers.

But there is some problem and it is her battery pack is so bad u can get hardly 500 shots and then battery goes out
when u enter in ur video mode with 8gb card its length 20mins max.
In this came use only class 10 memory card no class 4 or any other memory card without class 10 memory card this camera work like lazy

this is the best camera for the beginners...

Review by Sagar Sen

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